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Subtle Bloom

Specifications & Dimensions

Handbound, linen cover

148 x 210 mm (A5)

Subtle Bloom / 微盛​ (2021)

'Subtle Bloom' is a series that celebrates the importance of love and togetherness in sibling relationships, like sisterhood. The series captures the unspoken and unseen tenderness found in sibling relationships and delves into the ambiguous future and impermanence of human lives.


Flowers play a significant role as both Xin Lui and her sister's Chinese names contain the word ‘蕾’ [lěi], which derives from ‘花蕾’ [huā lěi], meaning flower bud. The evolution from flower buds to withered flowers reflects the transience of time, the journey from birth to death.

Photography by Ng Xin Lui

Text by Ng Lui (Huang Lei)

Subtle Bloom was one of the pieces exhibited for Objectifs' (Centre for Photography and Film) Shooting Home Youth Awards 2021.


The tale begins with two children,

You and I,

Who don't see eye to eye.

It wasn't easy to share,

This grand universe fair and square.


But it's the little things -

Taro milk tea half sugar - 

One cup split becomes twice sweeter.

We learn with time that 

Sharing can be just divine.


Before the last page is turned,

And we take turns to go,

I want to let you know

After this fleeting story 

We will live on in each other's memory.

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