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Condiments Catalogue

Specifications & Dimensions

105 x 149 mm (A6)

Condiments Catalogue (2024)

Browse through 'Condiments Catalogue', a photo series that captures the essence of a simple yet relatable aspect of modern life - the accumulation of sauce packets from countless food takeaways. In this series, the Ng's, a family of four invites you to rediscover the treasure trove of sauce packets stashed away in the nooks and crannies of their kitchen - from the fridge to the cupboards and even the dining table.


This collection of photographs playfully blends nostalgia and humour to shed light on the often-overlooked culinary artefacts that hide in plain sight. The vibrant colours and textures of the sauce packets come to life in each frame, revealing their unique designs. Each photograph is a window into the family's collective culinary journey, showcasing the diversity of flavours they've savoured over time and evoking memories of each meal.

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