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Objects of Mass Distraction (OOMD)

OOMD is a multidisciplinary project born out of an aesthetic and poetic impulse, as well as a fascination with materiality. OOMD seeks to celebrate and elevate the often plentiful and overlooked natural materials around us — stones, empty shells, a fallen leaf or branch.

This particular collection features chokers and necklaces that embodies a gold or silver seashell as its main subject, aiming to bring out the beauty and luxuriousness of the shell's form.

Visual Style

The photography concept aims to capture the essence of a luxurious, bold and classic look with a focus on the seashell, painted in gold and silver, as the main highlight. The photography was done by a balance between richness and sophistication. Natural lighting was utilised, creating a visually dynamic atmosphere during the model shoot, while against the black backdrop. The interplay of light and shadow accentuates the textures of the seashell and the intricate details. Utilising deep contrasts, dramatic shadows, and strategic highlights to emphasise the bold and opulent nature of the jewellery.

Colour Palette

The primary colour palette revolves around rich, deep tones, with a predominant use of black and cream white. These colours enhances the luxurious feel of the jewellery, providing an ideal backdrop against the seashell to take the centre stage.


In line with OOMD's, vision for the collection, the setting for the photography implements clean, elegant backdrops such as a deep dark surface and cream white fabric, to enhance the necklaces' luxurious appeal and exuding sophistication and timelessness.

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