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Echinopsis's Rhythm

Specifications & Dimensions

Handbound, textured paper

62 x 70 mm

Echinopsis's Rhythm (2023)

'Echinopsis's Rhythm' began as a study about the fleeting beauty of Echinopsis subdenudata, a cactus known for its delicate white flowers, ephemeral in their existence, blooming for less than a day. The book captures the essence of the cactus breed, showcasing its intricate details, subtle hues, and the transitory nature of its blossoms.


Through a series of images, 'Echinopsis's Rhythm' is an invitation to ponder on the broader concept of life's uncertainty, conveying the cyclical rhythm of birth, bloom, and decay, mirroring the inevitable ephemerality of our own existence. The stark contrast between the cactus's brief moments of splendor serves as a metaphor for the unpredictable and impermanent nature of life.


'Echinopsis’s Rhythm' sheds light on the emotions tied to impermanence, addressing the potential anxiety that may evoke when contemplating life's uncertainty. Yet, woven into the visual narrative is a subtle call to acceptance. By embracing the transient nature of existence, acknowledging impermanence can be a source of liberation rather than anxiety. The acceptance of life's unpredictable cadence becomes a poignant reminder to find beauty and meaning in the present moment, appreciating the ephemeral blooms amidst the vast desert of time.

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