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Minute Discoveries

Specifications & Dimensions


Folded 50 mm x 70 mm

Laid out 210 mm x 297 mm

Minute Discoveries

Minute Discoveries is a series that documents the ongoing journey of finding oneself and one’s purpose in life.


The use of light in the series acts as a possible guide in aiding one’s journey in life. The series features three sets of long exposure images, which depict the different outcomes that could be possible through different ways of folding and observations from each individual.

. . .

Images were made through long exposure settings, without being purposefully framed, allowing more time and light to be captured.


Each folded frame depicts the choice taken by the individual and the frames are interconnected, relating to how each choice made by the individual may affect their future.

The method of folding was made using one that is unpredictable, which relates to how sometimes in life, individuals are met with unpredictable challenges that may affect their choice and subsequently their life path.

Images may be viewed together as a big picture, laid out on a flat surface, or in detail via individual frames.

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